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C And C++


    6 Weeks/Months Summer Training in C/C++

    C -Programming

    Table of Contents

    Introduction :  High Levels and Low Levels ,Basic ideas about C,The Compiler, Errors,Use of Upper and Lower Case,Declarations,Questions

    Reserved words and an example :The printf() function, Example Listing,Output,Questions, input scanf() function

    Operating systems and environments: Files and Devices,Filenames,Command Languages and Consoles,, Libraries, Questions

    The form of a C program: Comments,Structure diagram,Program Listing, main() function

    Variables, Types and Declarations:Declarations,,Where to declare things, Declarations and Initialization.,Individual Types int, char, float, double, long, Types and The Cast Operator,Storage class auto, register, static and extern

    Scope : Local And Global : Local Variables, Global Variables,Communication : parameters,

    Preprocessor Commands :Macro Functions, When and when not to use macros with parameters, Note about #include, Other Preprocessor commands,

    Assignments, Expressions and Operators : Expressions and values, Arithmetic Operator, Relational Operator, Logical Operator, Ternary operator, Bitwise Operator

    Decisions :if ,if … else. ,Nested ifs and logic,Stringing together if..else,switch: integers and characters

    Loops:while,do..while,do..while,Example Listing,The flexible for loop,Quitting Loops and Hurrying Them Up!,Nested Loops

    Functions :Types of function system and user defined functions ,Declaration and definition, Calling functions, Declaring Parameters,Functions as actual parameters,Value Parameters

    Arrays : Why use arrays?, Limits and The Dimension of an array,Arrays and for loops,Arrays Of More Than One Dimension, 2 Dimension, 3Dimension  Array

    Pointers:‘&’ and ‘*’,Uses for Pointers,Pointers and Initialization,Example Listing,Types, Casts and Pointers,Pointers to functions,Calling a function by pointer

    Strings: Conventions and Declarations, Strings, Arrays and Pointers,Arrays of Strings,Strings from the user,Handling strings,String Input/Output.

    Structures and Unions :structdeclarations, Scope,  Using Structures, Arrays of Structures

    Standard Output and Standard Input

    File Handling

    Software Tools Windows based: Turbo C++ Dev c++ compiler,Vc

    Software Tools Linux based: Gcc.Cc,QT,GTK


    • The Context of Software Development
    • Writing a C++ Program, Structure C++ program ,cout & cin objects
    • Keyword, Values and Variables
    • Expressions and Arithmetic
    • Conditional Execution
    • Iteration
    • Other Conditional and Iterative Statements
    • Using Functions
    • Writing Functions
    • More on Functions
    • Array
    • Sorting and Searching
    • Other Standard C++ Objects
    • Structured Data
    • Objects
    • Building some Useful Classes
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Visual C++ Command Line Development
    • Deploying your programs
    • Developing C++ Programs under Unix/Linux with the GNU Tools
    • Exception Handling throw, try  & Catch blocks
    • Template
    • STL

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