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Embedded System 6 Months / 6 Weeks Industrial Training


    Embedded Systems

    Embedded system itself is a relatively vague definition, but a definition is widely recognized in the industry: the application, based on computer technology, hardware and software can be cut to meet the application system functionality, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption of the stringent requirements of a dedicated computer system. In fact, we are talking about embedded systems is the narrow sense that 6 Weeks / 6 Month is embedded into the object body of intelligent control system based on a an embedded microprocessor (ARM), generalized embedded systems face a wide (such as single-chip system, DSP system, etc.). I hope these help you above all want to support my personal understanding a word a word play up. SLR Infotech has designed the training programs which fulfill the requirements of the company in the field of embedded systems. We provide the practical and professional training on latest hardware and software which fulfill the need of candidate or professionals.

    Embedded system with 8051 Microcontroller

    • Latest Trends and technologies in Embedded Systems.
    • Assemblers,Loaders,Compilers,Cross Compilers etc Real time Systems both Hard and Soft.
    • Resistors,Capacitors and their calculations.
    • Types of memories.
    • Component information i.e their package information.
    • Programming in Embedded C.
    • Embedded Systems design and testing using KEIL,Proteus & Flash MAGIC.
    • Content

  • Introduction to 8 bit Micro-controller.
  • Architecture,Pin configuration and Embedded versions.
  • Transformers and their role in rectification.
  • Embedded C as a global programming Language in Embedded Systems.
  • Ports:Input/Output,Timers & Counters,Interrupts,UART.
  • Introduction to Serial Interfacing via MAX 232.
  • Switches(Momentary Type,Toggle Type).
  • LED interfacing,LCD interfacing,Seven Segment Interfacing.
  • Seven Segment Display:Normal Mode,BCD Mode.
  • Internal Multiplexing & External Multiplexing.
  • Motors(DC Motor Stepper Motor).
  • LCD(4bit,8bit,Busy Flag,custom Character Generation).
  • A/D & D/A Convertor.
  • Interfacing of various Real Time Sensors.
    • Introduction to arrays & Matrices.
    • Matrix basic arithmetic operation.
    • Symbol refrence.
    • Trigonometry function.
    • Graph plotting and subplotting.
    • creating GUI in MATLAB.
    • Image processing toolbox.
    • communication tool box.
    • Serial communication.
    • Wavelet toolbox.
    • Neural toolbox.
    • Neural network toolbox.
    • Simulink.
    • Filter toolbox.
    • Introduction to Architecture of PIC16F877.
    • Overview of SFR’s & their functionality & Addressing modes .
    • Reset Circuit ,crystal circuit and power supply circuit.
    • Pin configuration and Hardware Detail of PIC Microcontrollers.
    • Embedded C programming , compiling & Debugging.
    • Status & Option register, different register banks.
    • Memory Paging ,Addressing modes.
    • Study of different ports and TRIS register.
    • BYTE & BIT oriented file register,Literal & control operations.
    • Watcdog Timmer,Interrupts,Timmers/coute.
    • Instruction,RISC Vs CISC Architecture.
    • Ports:input/output,Timer & counters,Interrupts.
    • LED Interfacing,LCD Interfacing,Seven segments Interfacing.
    • Switches(Toggle Type,Momentary type).
    • Relay interfacing & Device working at 220 Volts.
    • Motors(DC motor,Stepper Motor).
    • Matrix Keypad,Buzzer Interfacing.
    • Seven Segment Display(Normal mode & BCD mode).
    • LCD Interfacing(4/8 bit,Busy flag,Custom Character Gen).
    • ADC,DAC,RTC etc.
    • Various Real time sensors etc.
    • IR sensors interfacing,Liner Keypad Interfacing.
    • 12C RTC,Serial EEPROM.
    • On chip Multichannel Analog to digital Convertor

    PIC Multichannel Analog to digital Convertor

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