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iPhone Mobile Application Development 6 Months / 6 Weeks Industrial Training


    iPhone Mobile Application Development

    iPhone development may be a recently evolved career option, but it is highly promising and dependable. Not only does it offer lucrative salary packages, the scope of what you can achieve as an iPhone developer is limitless. SLR INFOTECH provides highly professional iPhone industrial training courses to candidates interested in becoming iPhone developers.

    • iPhone OS Overview
    • iPhone OS Technologies
    • Objective-C Introduction
    • How to install Mac OS
    • First Program in Objective -C , Data Types
    • Operators,Constant Values
    • Condition Statements in Obj-C
    • Switch Statement
    • Loops (For and While)
    • Classes in Objective-C (Introduction)
    • Declaring an Obj-CClass Imp, Adding Instance Variables
    • Class Methods and Instance Methods
    • Data Encapsulation: Synthesize accessor Methods
    • Dot Notations
    • Access Modifiers
    • Inheritance
    • Indirection and Objects
    • Dynamic Binding
    • Functions and String Function
    • Categories
    • Protocols
    • Revision
    • Test- ObjectiveC

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