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Best PHP Training in Chandigarh – 6 Months/Weeks Industrial Training


    6 Weeks/Months Summer Training in PHP

    SLR Infotech provides the PHP Training in Chandigarh since last 20 years. Our experienced Trainers guide the students to respective training procedures at both basic and advance PHP level during our 100% job oriented advanced PHP course in Chandigarh and Mohali. Our wide range of Course for PHP & MySql for fresher as well as working professionals. At the end of the courses, students will be given Live Projects Training. Our company in sector 34A, Chandigarh is the oldest Company in Chandigarh/Mohali, Tricity for extensive PHP Industrial training.


    What is PHP?

    PHP is just a tool same as JSP, ASPdotnet, ColdFusion, Perl, Ruby on rail, CGI, etc. PHP is very strong compare to other web language like asp, aspdotnet. one need to have good understanding of database like oracle, MS SQl, MY SQL etc if you want to really top in industry. We give industry specific PHP Training in Chandigarh, PHP with MY SQL or other database also with real-time scenario of how to design best applications using PHP skill. We teach latest version of PHP. At SLR Infotech, we help you nurture your programming knowledge, skills and build a successful path for your long and progressive career by our PHP industrial Training in Chandigarh. Live Project based 6 Week/Month PHP Industrial Training or Summer Industrial Training in PHP is another feather in cap for our PHP training in Chandigarh, you are given a chance to work on real Live Projects of PHP Development and Integration. So while you are with us, you are connected with WEB.


    What will you learn?

    • Introduction to HTML.5,CSS 3
    • Introduction to PHP
    • PHPs role in Worldwide Web Tech
    • Installing Server on different Platform
    • PHP Language Fundamentals
    • PHP Basics, Variables
    • Declaring & using constants
    • Operators in PHP
    • If, While & For Construct in PHP
    • Comments with PHP
    • Understanding PHP Configuration file

    • Object Oriented Programming with PHP
    • Introduction of OOPs
    • Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties
    • Chaining Methods and Properties
    • Access Modifiers: Private, Public and Protected
    • Magic Methods(Constructors & Destructors) & Constants
    • Inheritance in Object-Oriented PHP
    • Method Overloading and MethodOverriding
    • Abstract Classes and Methods
    • Interfaces – the next level of abstraction
    • Polymorphism in PHP
    • Final Keyword, Type Hinting
    • Static Members and Properties

    Database Connectivity

    • Using MYSQL(Object-Oriented)
    • Using PDO(PHP Data Objects)
    • About
    • Installing and Upgrading
    • Dashboard and Settings
    • Working with Contents
    • Installing Themes, Widgets and Plugins
    • security and Backup
    • Working with cpanel on Live Server
    • Migrating from localhost to Live Server


    • About Joomla
    • Installing and Upgrading
    • Dashboard and Settings
    • Adding Contents
    • Installing Plugins


    • Write Less Do More Library
    • Downloading and Including jquery
    • Anatomy of jQuery Script
    • DOM Architecture
    • jQuery Effects(Fade-in,Fade-out), toggle, animate,slide stop etc.
    • Selecting, Decorating & Enhancing
    • Animate and Scrolling
    • Working with jQuery Events
    • jQuery HTML(Append, Prepend, addClass, toggleClass etc.)
    • jQuery Selectors
    • UI Library Based Effect
    • Integrating jQuery Plugins

    •  Interducing Functions
    • Using Require() and include ()
    • Using Parameters & Variable scope
    • Calling by Value & Calling by Reference
    • Library Date & Time Functions

    • Array in PHP
    • Indexed Array, Associative Array
    • Multidimensional Array & Array Fuctions

    • PHP Web Forms
    • Working with Super Global Variables
    • POST & GET Forms elements in PHP
    • Embedding Forms with PHP code
    • Forms Validation in PHP
    • Uploading Files & MIME types
    • Mail Function to send email
    • Using GD Library
    • Captcha Code Generation

    • Understanding Session & Cookies
    • Setting, Deleting Cookies
    • Starting a Session
    • Destroying the variables and session

    • File Handling in PHP
    • Storing and Retrieving information
    • Reading, Writing and Copy files with PHP

    • Regular Expressions
    • Using Filters and String Functions in PHP
    • Magic Quotes
    • Error Handling in PHP

    • Database Concepts
    • MYSQL Data Types
    • Importing/Exporting Database
    • PHP Myadmin, Creating Database, Tables
    • Auto increment and Primary keys
    • Inserting Values into Tables
    • Alter and Update Tables
    • Retrieving Data from Tables
    • Using SQL Queries
    • Join Tables, Group, Union and Intersect Concepts

    • Registering Domians
    • Using Control Panel
    • Migrating from Local host to Live Server
    • Using FTP Client



    At SLR Infotech, we have designed comprehensive PHP training course in Chandigarh for 6 weeks /6 months. During training, the trainees will be given opportunity to work on Live Projects as well as attend theoretical sessions, delivered by our experienced professional developers. Our training course aims to make our trainees so well acquainted with PHP, that they could easily secure good jobs after the completion of training.


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    • 1 week, 3 days

    Why SLR Infotech ?

    • Certificate from ISO Certified Company.
    • Demo classes before joining.
    • Flexible timings from 8.00AM-8.00 PM.
    • 100% Practical Classes.
    • Small batch size and 2 hours class daily.
    • Expert & Certified Faculty.
    • Live Projects With Financial Assistance.
    • Leaders in Education Since 20 Years.
    • Trained Over 2 Lakh Students.
    • Industrial Training Certificate From Software Development Company.
    • Professional help after training and placement.


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    SLR Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading Training and Consultancy Company who provides complete internet solutions including php development, internet marketing, search engine optimization and content development.

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